Synonyms and related words:
adulteration, amateurishness, amateurism, arrestment, babyishness, brand-newness, callowness, childishness, coarseness, crudeness, crudity, defectibility, defectiveness, deficiency, dewiness, erroneousness, fallibility, faultiness, freshness, gloss of novelty, greenness, ignorance, immatureness, impairment, imperfection, imprudence, impurity, inaccuracy, inadequacy, inadequateness, inadvisability, inattention, incompleteness, incompletion, inconsideration, indiscreetness, indiscretion, inexactitude, inexactness, inexpedience, inexperience, infancy, infantilism, injudiciousness, intactness, irrationality, juiciness, juniority, lack, lateness, maidenhood, mediocrity, minority, mint condition, newbornness, newfangledness, newfangleness, newness, nonage, nondevelopment, novelness, novelty, nowness, originality, oversimplicity, oversimplification, patchiness, pompousness, presentness, pristineness, puerilism, puerility, rawness, reasonlessness, recency, recentness, recklessness, reductionism, roughness, rudeness, sappiness, scrappiness, senselessness, short measure, short weight, shortage, shortcoming, simplism, sketchiness, strangeness, stuffiness, the rough, thoughtlessness, unaccustomedness, unacquaintance, unacquaintedness, uncommonness, uncultivation, underdevelopment, undevelopment, unevenness, unexperiencedness, unfamiliarity, unfinish, unfinishedness, unfledgedness, unintelligence, unperfectedness, unpracticedness, unprofessionalism, unprofessionalness, unreason, unreasonableness, unrefinement, unripeness, unsensibleness, unsoundness, unthoughtfulness, unusualness, unwisdom, unwiseness, virginity, want, witlessness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • Immaturity — Im ma*tu ri*ty, n. [L. immaturitas: cf. F. immaturit[ e].] The state or quality of being immature or not fully developed; unripeness; incompleteness. [1913 Webster] When the world has outgrown its intellectual immaturity. Caird. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • immaturity — index adolescence, minority (infancy), nonage Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • immaturity — (n.) 1530s, untimeliness, from L. immaturitatem (nom. immaturitas) unripeness, from immaturus (see IMMATURE (Cf. immature)). Meaning lack of maturity attested from c.1600 …   Etymology dictionary

  • immaturity — /im euh choor i tee, toor , tyoor , cherr /, n., pl. immaturities for 2. 1. a state or condition of being immature: the immaturity of one s behavior; the immaturity of a country s technology. 2. an immature action or attitude. [1530 40; IMMATURE… …   Universalium

  • immaturity — n. to display immaturity * * * to display immaturity …   Combinatory dictionary

  • immaturity — immature ► ADJECTIVE 1) not fully developed. 2) having or showing emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger. DERIVATIVES immaturely adverb immaturity noun …   English terms dictionary

  • immaturity — noun see immature …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • immaturity — noun Youth; the condition of being immature or not fully grown …   Wiktionary

  • immaturity — (Roget s IV) n. 1. [Childhood] Syn. youthfulness, adolescence, infancy; see childhood , youth 1 . 2. [Inexperience] Syn. childishness, puerility, ignorance, callowness, babyishness, rawness, greenness, imperfection, incompleteness, childish… …   English dictionary for students

  • immaturity — im·ma tu·ri·ty || ‚ɪmÉ™ tjÊŠÉ™rÉ™tɪ n. lack of experience; unripeness; childishness …   English contemporary dictionary

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